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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lounging Around

Have you been to Lizzie's Lounge yet?  No, it's not the newest hot nightspot in Louisville!  We're talking about the brand new lounge and snack area at YesterNook.

Located downstairs, Lizzie's Lounge has plenty of places to sit and take a load off, while you think about the many wonderful things in the store that you want to purchase.  You can get your second wind and get back to shopping!

There are snacks and drinks available.  Everything is sold on the honor system.  You simply make your selection and leave your money in the box.  If you need change, you can get it upstairs at the register.

There are plenty of idea books and magazines to leaf through for inspiration and ideas.  Or you can just stare at the wonder of the Apron Wall!  It's kind of mesmerizing.

Yes, everything down there is for sale!  You can even drop in on Mr Whipple!  (Don't worry.  He's a perfect gentleman.)

Lizzie's Lounge was painted and designed by Kathy (Booth 240).  We think she did a super job!  Thanks for all the hard work!

To get to Lizzie's Lounge, simply take the stairs down from the first floor.  You'll find the lounge right at the foot of the stairs.

Feel free to sit a bit and chat or just relax.  YesterNook owner Patti Cape has said that she sometimes finds customers who have ended up down there and have chosen to hang out for a while.  Why don't you come down and join them?

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