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Friday, August 30, 2013

September News

Let us be the first to wish you, our friends and customers, a happy and safe Labor Day weekend!  If you are looking for something to do on your Monday holiday, YesterNook will be open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and we would love to see you.  If you have to run to Kroger to get some charcoal or something, you can fit us in for a visit too, since we are right near the one on Goss Avenue.

A new month always brings about news and changes, and September is no different.  We'll have a couple of new vendors starting, so you'll want to come by and check them out.  Just ask at the counter for the location of the new booths. 

This week, we got in a huge load of stuff from three different estates, so the store is overrun with chests, chairs, tables, and some really cool trunks.  You can find picture of all these items at our Facebook page.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Last night, I saw the first group of geese heading out, seeking warmer climates for the winter.  There will be many more to follow.  At the same time, I noticed that the sidewalk was covered in crab apples that had ripened and fallen from a nearby tree.  A couple of days ago, I noticed some orange and yellow starting to peek out from around the edges of a couple of trees.  I thought to myself that it won't be long until we are awash in color.  It's that time of year already.

A community garden not far from me is full of plants that are loaded with produce waiting to be picked.  It's time to harvest, as indicated by the recently ended state fair.  Long before rides and attractions, fairs were places where farmers could show off their crops and livestock to each other and the community.  At the same time, their wives were proudly displaying their recipes and handiwork to each other.  This in turn was an outgrowth of ancient harvest celebrations, when towns and communities welcomed the arrival of fall and prepared for the lean months of winter by bringing in and storing the crops.

Harvest means "to gather in" and those who do the gathering are called "harvesters."  While we usually think of these words in the context of agriculture, they have other contexts as well.  Consider, if you will, the idea of a store full of different vendors selling their wares--wares that they have spent much time gathering from all kinds of places.  Suppose those wares were special items, maybe vintage things or collectibles or just plain unique things.  Couldn't that store be considered to be a barn or storehouse for those items?  Couldn't those vendors who gather and bring those items in be called "harvesters"?  I think it's an apt description.

From time to time here on the YesterNook blog, we have featured some of those vendors, to give our friends a chance to get to know some of the people behind the booths.  This fall, look for those spotlights to return.  Our vendors work very hard in their gathering and harvesting, and we want to recognize them and their work.  They often fade into the background, in order to let their merchandise take the spotlight, so you don't get to see them for the special people that they are.  Look for the first spotlights to begin in a couple of weeks.  We hope you enjoy them.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

School Days!

It's finally here!

The day that some parents have been dreaming about for the last couple of weeks is finally here!

It's the first day of school!

Time to load the kids on the bus and reclaim the house.

How about a treat for yourself as well?  You know how much you enjoy a trip to YesterNook. Come on in, take your time, and enjoy yourself for a while.

Think of it as school preparation.  Are you looking to create a special study area for a new high schooler?  Check out our furniture for some classic pieces that have lots of uses?  Does your child have a reading list?  We have a few vendors who stock lots of books!

Maybe you're just looking for a project to work on through the fall.  We have a vendor that sells the ever-popular plaster paint.  You should check it out.

If your school kid is all grown up and heading off to college, don't forget that we've helped a lot of students furnish their dorm rooms and first apartments.  Our prices work well with student budgets, providing you with the chance to get classic or one of a kind pieces for your new space.

We'll be open today until 6:00, so stop by.  We'll be looking forward to your visit.

Don't forget that you can find pics of current merchandise on our Facebook page.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer's End

The Kentucky State Fair started yesterday.  School starts back next week here in Louisville.  The signs are all around us.  Summer is coming to a close.  It won’t be long before the leaves start turning and falling, and fall will be upon us.  After that comes the end of the year holidays and we’ll be in winter, anxiously awaiting the return of spring.

There’s a tendency to be nostalgic this time of year, partly because we remember the feelings of freedom that summer brought to us as children when we felt released from the rigors of school.  As adults, summer doesn’t offer quite the same feeling of freedom, but the warm weather does give us opportunities for vacations and weekend trips.  The approach of fall means these activities will be coming to an end.  We all get a little wistful about that.

Anticipation also plays a big part in our nostalgia at this time of year.  We’re beginning to approach the time of year when we spend a lot of time with our families and friends celebrating the holidays.  (Face it.  They’ll be here before you know it.)  Everyone has so many memories connected to this time of year.

The best way to deal with feeling nostalgic is to give into the feeling with a trip to YesterNook, a place that brings back many memories for many people.  For some of our friends, the kids going back to school means more time to make a leisurely stroll down memory lane in your favorite local vintage store.  Why not take advantage of it?

We’ll be looking forward to your visit.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Weather Report: Cool and Dry

We had a heavy pop-up thunderstorm in Louisville yesterday.  There may be more throughout the week.  Remember to take your umbrella with you!  Also remember:

It's always cool and dry inside YesterNook!

It's been pretty humid and muggy lately, with more hot weather to come as August winds down.  Don't worry about it.

It's always cool and dry inside YesterNook!

You can do all your vintage shopping indoors and take your time looking at all of the awesome finds without worrying about the heat or the rain.  We even have a covered driveway to use for loading in the rain!

The weather is no obstacle to fun, vintage shopping at YesterNook!

Come on by!  We'd love to see you, rain or shine!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August News!

YesterNook is proud to welcome the Antiquin' Sisters to the store!  They're now selling plaster paint and plaster painted furniture upstairs in the Ballroom.  Please come check them out!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Local Traditions

A Schnitzelburg tradition continued this week, as crowds gathered for the 43rd Annual Dainty contest.  This yearly event actually takes place right across the street from YesterNook, which is kind of appropriate.  We are a store that is all about traditions.

If you look around the neighborhood, you'll see that Schnitzelburg is big on tradition.  The Dainty Contest itself hearkens back to the German roots of the people who founded the neighborhood.  It's run by Hauck's, one of the oldest businesses in the area.

There's a fine food tradition in the area, too.  From long-established restaurants like Check's to the newer places that are just a few doors from YesterNook, there's always been plenty of good eating around these parts.

For many, many years the Russman Funeral Home was a part of the local tradition as well.  We've been pleased to bring the building back to life and vitality in the neighborhood.  We love it when longtime area residents drop by the store and share their memories with us.  There are many stories hidden in our streets, just waiting to be told.

YesterNook joined a fine retail tradition in the area when we opened a year and a half ago.  We are pleased that we have become a regular stop for so many of you.  We want to continue to be a part of keeping this part of town vibrant and exciting.  It's a tradition we're glad to be a part of.