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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Weather Reports

The weather's been all over the place lately.  Hasn't it?  Take a look:

Image from here. Click to enlarge.
We guess that's par for the course for Louisville, no matter what time of year.  Since it's still early February, it's too early to put the boots and snow shovels away just yet.

We just wanted to remind you that no matter what the weather, it's always cozy and comfy at YesterNook.  Rain or shine (or snow), we're always glad to see you when you drop in.

This is the perfect time of year for do-it-yourself projects, so maybe it's time to look for something to refinish or paint.  Spring isn't that far away, either.  Maybe you want to come look for new flower pots or picnic baskets.  All of our vendors restock throughout the week, and they are as anxious for consistently warmer weather as you all are.

Please be sure to be careful on the road when the weather is bad.  We want to keep you coming back to see us for a long time to come.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Some Thoughts About LOVE!

February is traditionally thought of as the month of love.  Hearts and flowers are everywhere and the dominant color is red.  Valentine’s Day is on the way.  Romance is in the air

Love is such a odd concept,isn’t it?  Well, not really odd, so much as multi-layered.  We can say we love our mothers, our first cousins, and our significant others, but we don’t mean that in exactly the same way.  And what about our love for old movies, home-made lasagna, or modern jazz?  We say we “love” a lot of things and people in the course of our lives, don’t we?

Of course, we don’t always mean the same thing when we say that.  Our love for the people in our lives is not really the same as the love we proclaim for other things.  We could more accurately term the latter as “appreciation.”  Which, of course, brings us to YesterNook. 

“I love this place!” 

“I love the things you have here!”

“We love to come here!”

“I love your prices!”

Honestly, however you all mean it, we never get tired of hearing it.  We’ll always strive to earn your appreciation and compliments.  We value our relationship with our friends and customers.  Consider it a valentine from us to you.

Speaking of valentines, here’s a thought:  Those flowers are eventually going to wither away, but if you present them in a fine vintage vase, there will always be a reminder of your thoughtfulness left behind.  How about repacking those chocolates in a sweet vintage candy dish?  Maybe your valentine has been expressing some “love” for a chair we have in the corner or a quilt in one of the upstairs rooms?  There are lots of ways to express your feelings for a special person.  Don’t forget that we have an awesome selection of jewelry and trinkets in the downstairs showcases!

Whatever your plans are, we hope that you have a safe and happy Valentine’s Day!