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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Vendor Spotlight: Jody and Bob (Booth 459)

Bob and Jody have been with YesterNook as long as any other vendor in the store, but they were not a part of the original vendor group in the store when it opened.  Contradiction in terms?  Not really.  They signed up for a booth on opening day!  I guess you could say they were pretty taken with the place.

It turns out that opening day, November 1, 2011, was also Bob's birthday, so they had both taken the day off work.  They stopped by YesterNook, because one of the vendors had encouraged them to come by.  Bob says that they thought, "Oh, they're opening this place.  let's check it out."  That was all it took.  They've been a part of the YesterNook family ever since.

Like a lot of vendors, they both started out as collectors.  Selling became an offshoot for them to try to pare down their collections.  They operate their booth as a team effort.  Jody does the detail work, such as displays and tags, while Bob aids in the hunt for merchandise.  "We aid and abet each other," as Bob puts it.  It's a partnership that's been going almost from the time they met.  Jody says that one of their first dates was at an auction!

Jody likes antique dolls and anything related to childhood, particularly from the turn of the last century.  She's also fond of Christmas items and admits that she gravitates toward "anything shiny that catches my eye."  Bob, on the other hand. likes Early American clocks and watches and furniture, especially Kentucky and regional.  You can find these interests reflected in their booth.

They've been around as resellers for over 30 years.  According to Jody they've been in four different venues and were even "the seventh dealer at Goss Avenue."  However, YesterNook is their hands-down favorite.  "I look forward to coming in here," Jody states.  "I've never felt that way about any other place we've had a booth."

Both of them cite the hard work that staff put into the store and the support they feel as vendors as some of the reasons they love being a part of YesterNook.  They also like the atmosphere in the store.  "It's just like visiting with your neighbor across the fence."

You can visit Bob and Jody's booth (459) by going up the front stairs to the second floor.  Take the first door to the right on the hallway (not the one to the right at the top of the stairs).  Walk through that room into the large room with several booths in it (Mayme's Ballroom).  They are the very last booth on the left as you walk to the far wall. 

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