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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

And a good time was had by all!

Note:  We're a day late, due to some unavoidable circumstances.  While we're sorry about that, we're also thankful that several readers inquired at the store about the blog yesterday.  We're glad it's become a part of your YesterNook experience!

If you missed Saturday's Autumn Affair event at the store, you missed quite a lot!  Take a look.

The placed was decked out in its Halloween finest, both inside....

Unless otherwise noted, all photos are by Keith Evans.
...and out.

There was a ton of wonderful food to enjoy, with fresh, hot cookies and popcorn available.

Resa has a booth upstairs in the store.

The first floor smelled totally delicious from all the baking going on.  The goodies were provided by the vendors, and much of it was homemade.  Not only do the YesterNook vendors work hard to provide you with interesting merchandise, they're also fabulous cooks!  (There may still be a few leftovers at the store.  Head on over and ask at the counter.)

Then there were the vendors who came in costume!  There were characters running all over the store.
We had hippies running the place.

Owner Patti Cape spread the message of peace all day. (Photo by S. Smiley)
As did Sharron Smiley, manager.

There were gangsters running around.

Eric and Shane are new vendors upstairs.
 (Photos by S. Smiley)

Rosie the Riveter dropped by to make a few repairs.

She's a handy gal, that Rosie (aka Kathy from Booth 240). Photo by S. Smiley.
This strange dude who called himself "The Mad Monk of Schnitzelburg" came wandering through.

You really don't want to know.
There were a few more that somehow managed not to get in any pictures.  It was quite the show!

It was a great day for shopping too.

So many vendors were having sales that it was like the whole store was on sale!  Since the prices at YesterNook are so reasonable to begin with, you know that means that there were some super bargains that day!  Many booths also had Halloween candy for trick or treating, which made exploring the store more fun that day.

All in all, it was a ton of fun!  It was also a lot of work, which could not have been done without the many vendors who volunteered their time that day, brought food, helped decorate and performed myriad other special tasks.  Everyone played a part to make it an extra special day.

It was a fun way to mark what has turned out to be a super year for the store.  Thanks to everyone, vendors and customers, who have made YesterNook's first year so great.  We appreciate all of you much more than we could ever say.

At one point during the day, a young girl was leading a couple of other kids around the store, showing them where all the bowls of candy were.  She's the daughter of one of the vendors, so she already had the lay of the land, as far as the goodies were concerned.  They stopped at the counter to get bags so they could gather some treats, and she said:  "There's only a little bit down here, but there's candy all over the place upstairs!"  It was a sweet little snapshot of the day, for sure.  It also kind of sums up what YesterNook is all about:  Helping people find the good stuff that they're looking for.

Here's to a whole lot more really good years!

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