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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Random Thoughts (Starring Fabulous YesterNook Merchandise)

Practically every piece of merchandise at YesterNook has enough personality to inspire at least one random thought or another.  Sometimes it's a memory.  Other times, it's just: "Wow!  I didn't know something this cool even existed."  Of course our favorite is when something makes you say:  "I gotta have this."  Here are some thoughts inspired by recent photos on our Facebook page.

  Come to where the wild things are!  
Come to YesterNook!

It doesn't matter what your mother said.  
It's okay to put your feet on the table 
when you're a fab piece of repro retro furniture!

Retro chairs travel in pairs!
(At YesterNook!)

Yes, quilts are a work of art worthy of being framed.

Did that table really used to be a door?
Yes, dear.  Yes it did.

You can try it yourself any time you want to come down.  Share your thoughts with us as well, either in comments here or on Facebook.  Remember, new items arrive practically every day, so if you haven't visited the store in a while, you're missing out!

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