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Friday, January 4, 2013

January News: What's the Good Word?

We'd like to extend a YesterNook welcome to our newest vendors, Debbie and Gary, who are using booth number 333!  Stop by and check out their space.  Maybe you'll even get the chance to meet them and say "Howdy!"

By the way, most vendors (not just the new ones) like it when you take a chance to chat when you find them in their booth.  I know it may look like they are very busy adding new merchandise and rearranging things, but many of them like to take time out and chat with customers, even if it's just to say "Hello."

Feedback from customers is very important to vendors, but it's something that they don't often get, because they come and go at such different times throughout the week.  We cannot tell you how much it can make a vendor's day to hear from somebody that shops in their space on a regular basis.  Many vendors are also collectors, so they like to chat with people who share their interests.

If you are looking for something in particular, it never hurts to ask a vendor to keep an eye out for it.  For example, let's say that you are into Mission style furniture, but are having a hard time finding a certain piece.  Talking with a vendor who also knows about Mission furniture may turn up some new leads for you.  It certainly helps a vendor make decisions about things to buy for their booth.

YesterNook is as much about the relationships that people form in the store as the things we sell here.  Next time you stop by, take some extra time to chat.  We'll all be glad that you did.

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